Next Generation Sound Synthesis

Yesterday I attended an AES presentation on the NESS Project¬†by Stefan Bilbao. The NESS project is the “Next Generation Sound Synthesis” project, as a 5 year European Research Funded project, undertaken by University of Edinburgh.

The aim of this project is to explore the possibilities of simulation based synthetic sounds using high performance computing clusters. Numerical simulation methods for physical modelling were presented, with a focus on Finite Difference Time Domain methods for modelling of musical instruments.

The presentation focused on a range of different fields, and presented the state of the art in physical modelling. The advantages of this modelling technique is the possibilities of creating ‘impossible’¬†instruments, such as a brass instrument that is too large to physically play, but it is still possible to model how it would work with infinite resources or infinite lung capacity.

Brass Instruments, bowed and picked string instrument, and percussion models were all presented, along with physical modelling of acoustics through finite difference and volume models.

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