Monthly Archives: October 2015


Teaching has started again and I am once again a teaching assistant for Sound Recording and Production Techniques. On the 8th October, I was lecturing the class on Microphone Types, covering for the usual lecturer as he was away at a conference.

My teaching review from last year on the student feedback forms was 95%, so the hope is to maintain a high standard of student support and teaching throughout the course this year.

Teaching for this semester is for Sound Recording and Production Techniques, a MSc level course on studio work and audio. Next semester I will be developing labs and teaching on the undergraduate course Introduction to Audio.

AES Presentation on Owl Guitar Pedal

Martin Klang presented a talk on Open Source Entrepreneurship and the OWL discussing the OWL guitar pedal, creation through to production.

He discussed how the crowd funding sources, how to budget for small start up projects. The importance of open source, both in terms of software and hardware was discussed at length, and is a vital aspect of what the OWL team set out to do.

The OWL is a custom build programmable guitar effects pedal that allows anyone to write their own effect pedal and load it onto the standalone program. Effects can be written in C++, Faust or even Pure Data (PD). There is also a wrapper that allows users to run their patches as a VST or AU within a Digital Audio Workstation and in the future, it will also be possible to run patches in the browser. Recently a modular synthesiser version of the Owl has also been released.

Hoxton Owl Guitar Pedal