Monthly Archives: November 2018

AES 145th Convention

I have recently returned from the AES 145th convention. There were a number of interesting and inspiring talks. New dynamics audio effects for the android platform, further understanding as to the importance of phase in source separation – which is particularly important when looking at the state of the art in source separation, as it is primarily deep learning, which often suffers from inherent phase problems.

There was an interesting paper from BCU, entitled “Investigation into the Effects of Subjective Test Interface Choice on the Validity of Results” which promises to understand how a listening test interface and influence the results.

Empire State Building

Overall, for me, the highlight was seeing the launch of the new source separation company AudioSourcere. They produce state of the art VST plugins for source separation, allowing vocal removal, harmonic percussive separation, and reverb removal all in one very cost effective package. Derry, the academic who founded the company, is one of the world leading experts in source separation, and his product does not disappoint.

More information can be found here

SoundStack 2018

Last month was SoundStack 2018 – This three day workshop on 3D and spatial sound was an excellent beginners introduction to 3D sound, and also a comprehensive overview as to ambisonic and 3D sound design, mixing and production.

The workshop, organised entirely by Angela McArthur, included highlights such as head tracking HRTF’s and ambisonics (As pictured below), use of Max MSP and the SPAT spatial audio system, and a talk and workshop with Call and Response, a 3D sound collective based in Deptford, London. People travelled from all over the country to attend the day, and it was thoroughly enjoyable.