Intelligent Music Mixing

There are a number of Approaches in Intelligent Music Production – as discussed in my recent journal paper (here) – but the key aspects to consider are

  • How can I interact with the intelligent musical tool?
  • How does it understand what I am doing?
  • How can I get it to change the sounds?

Until now, most intelligent music production has been all about automating the parameters of a single audio effect – eg. the cut-off frequency of an EQ filter – but – fundamentally, each individual aspect of the audio processing will clearly impact every other part of the mix – Why should we be restricted to traditional audio signal processing chains? Why should we rely on an EQ, which was first designed 70 years ago? Surely, with all the AI and intelligent systems in the world, computers can find much better – or even… just more interesting – ways of interacting with and shaping audio.

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