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Digital Music Research Network 2019

DMRN this year, was once again hosted at Queen Mary. Their annual workshop on digital music research. This year, I attended, representing University of Plymouth, my new employer. We presented a poster on RadioMe, the new research project.

There were a number of interesting presentations at DMRN, including discussion on source separation, musical loop extraction, audio effect impact on musical similarity metrics. However, for me the star of the day was Cynthia Liem’s keynote talk on ways in which we can understand and access data, that are totally different to common practices. It demonstrated the importance of ensuring we are measuring what we intend to, especially in a musical context.

SoundStack 2018

Last month was SoundStack 2018 – This three day workshop on 3D and spatial sound was an excellent beginners introduction to 3D sound, and also a comprehensive overview as to ambisonic and 3D sound design, mixing and production.

The workshop, organised entirely by Angela McArthur, included highlights such as head tracking HRTF’s and ambisonics (As pictured below), use of Max MSP and the SPAT spatial audio system, and a talk and workshop with Call and Response, a 3D sound collective based in Deptford, London. People travelled from all over the country to attend the day, and it was thoroughly enjoyable.


360 Degree Sound Experience – Warsnare at the Albany

Having spent the past week working at the Albany in Deptford. We produced a 360 degree surround sound experience for Warsnare, a Deptford based DJ and producer

27 Genelec Speakers and 4 subwoofers 5 different stages, with live performance spatialised and mixed in with pre-recorded and spatial elements were used to produce a fully immersive experience for a sold out audience, as such tickets to watch from the balcony were also produced.

ambisonic collage