Journal Papers

Rod SelfridgeDavid Moffat, Eldad J Avital and Joshua D. Reiss“Creating Real-Time Aeroacoustic Sound Effects Using Physically Informed Models”. Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, 66, 7/8 pp. 594-607; July 2018.[pdf|URL|DOI|BibTeX|code]

David Moffat and Joshua D. Reiss“Perceptual Evaluation of Synthesized Sound Effects”. ACM Transactions on Applied Perception (TAP) 15, 2, Article 13 (April 2018). [pdf|URL|DOI|BibTeX|code]

Rod SelfridgeDavid Moffat and Joshua D. Reiss. “Sound Synthesis of Objects Swinging through Air Using Physical Models”. Applied Sciences 7 (11), 2017. [pdf|URL|DOI|BibTeX|code]

Luca TurchetDavid Moffat, Ana Tajadura-Jimenez, Joshua D. Reiss, and Tony Stockman,  “What do your footsteps sound like? An investigation on interactive footstep sounds adjustment”. Applied Acoustics 111 (2016): 77-85. [pdf|URL|DOI|BibTeX]

Peer Reviewed Conference Papers

David Moffat, and Joshua D. Reiss, “Objective Evaluations of Synthesised Environmental Sounds, In Proc. 21th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-18), Aveiro, Portugal, September 2018. [pdf|URL|BibTeX|code]

David Moffat, David Ronan and Joshua D. Reiss,Unsupervised Taxonomy of Sound Effects”, In Proc. 20th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-17), Edinburgh UK, September 2017. [pdf|URL|BibTeX|code]

Rod SelfridgeDavid Moffat and Joshua D. Reiss. “Physically Derived Sound Synthesis Model of a Propeller”. In Proc. ACM Audio Mostly Conference 2017, London UK, July 2017. [pdf|URL|DOI|BibTeX|code]

Rod SelfridgeDavid Moffat and Joshua D. Reiss. “Real-time Physical Model for Synthesis of Sword Swing Sound”, In Proc. 14th International Conference on Sound and Music Computing, Helsinki, Finland, July 2017. (Best Paper Award)  [pdf|URL|BibTeX|code]

Rod SelfridgeDavid MoffatJoshua D. Reiss and Eldad J Avital. “Real-time Physical Model of an Aeolian Harp”, In Proc. 24th International Congress on Sound and Vibration, London, UK, July 2017. [pdf|URL|BibTeX|code]

Nicholas JillingsBrecht De ManDavid MoffatJoshua D. Reiss and Ryan Stables, “Web Audio Evaluation Tool: A framework for subjective assessment of audio”, In Proc. 2nd Web Audio Conference, Atlanta, USA, April 2016. [pdf|URL|BibTeX|code]

Lucas Mengual, David Moffat and Joshua D. Reiss, “Modal Synthesis of Weapon Sounds”, In Proc. Audio Engineering Society Conference: 61st International Conference: Audio for Games. Audio Engineering Society, London, UK, February 2016. [pdf|URL|BibTeX|code]

David Moffat and Joshua D. Reiss. “Implementation and Assessment of Joint Source Separation and Dereverberation”. In Proc. Audio Engineering Society Conference: 60th International Conference: DREAMS (Dereverberation and Reverberation of Audio, Music, and Speech). Audio Engineering Society, February 2016. [pdf|URL|DOI|BibTeX]

David Moffat, David Ronan and Joshua D. Reiss, “An Evaluation of Audio Feature Extraction Toolboxes”, In Proc. 18th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-15), November 2015. (Honourable Mention for Best Paper Award)[pdf|URL|BibTeX]

David RonanDavid MoffatHatice Gunes and Joshua D. Reiss, “Automatic Subgrouping of Multitrack Audio”, In Proc. 18th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-15), November 2015. [pdf|URL|BibTeX]

Nicholas JillingsBrecht De ManDavid Moffat and Joshua D. Reiss, “Web Audio Evaluation Tool: A browser-based listening test environment”, In Proc. 12th Sound and Music Computing Conference, July 2015. [pdf| URL|BibTeX | code]

Extended Abstract Conference Papers

David Moffat and Mark B. Sandler, “Automatic Mixing Level Balancing Enhanced through Source Interference Identification”, In Proc. 146th Audio Engineering Society Convention, Dublin, Ireland, March 2019 [pdf|URL|BibTeX]

David Moffat and Mark B. Sandler, “Adaptive Ballistics Control of Dynamic Range Compression for Percussive Tracks”, In Proc. 145th Audio Engineering Society Convention, New York, USA, October 2018 [pdf|URL|BibTeX|code]

Gary BromhamDavid Moffat, Gyorgy Fazeka, Mathieu Barthet and Mark B. Sandler, “The Impact of Compressor Ballistics on the Perceived Style of Music”, In Proc. 145th Audio Engineering Society Convention, New York, USA, October 2018 [pdf|URL|BibTeX|code]

David Moffat, Florian Thalmann and Mark B. Sandler, “Towards a Semantic Web Representation and Application of Audio Mixing Rules”, In Proc. 4th Workshop on Intelligent Music Production (WIMP), Huddersfield, UK, September 2018. [pdf|URL|BibTeX|code]

David Moffat and Joshua D. Reiss, “Perceptual evaluation of synthesised sound effects”, DMRN+11: Digital Music Research Network Workshop, Dec. 2016 [pdf|BibTeX]

Nicholas JillingsBrecht De ManDavid MoffatJoshua D. Reiss and Ryan Stables, “Subjective comparison of music production practices using the Web Audio Evaluation Tool”, In Proc. 2nd AES Workshop on Intelligent Music Production, September 2016. [pdf| URL|BibTeX | code]

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